Company Presentations

May 5, 3:45 - 5:45 p.m.

Best of SoCal Innovation Companies

OCTANe's Technology Investor Forum is the premier event to see the best innovation companies in Southern California. Using OCTANe's LaunchPad evaluation process, ten high technology startup companies, that have raised or are in the process of raising early stage capital, will be selected to give investment presentations at this year's conference. This is a must-attend session for investors, entrepreneurs, and others who want to get an early look at future Southern California success stories.  

History of Success

Companies that have made investment presentations at the Technology Investor Forum have gone on to raise millions in seed, early-stage, and growth venture capital. Companies that presented in 2007-2014 went on to raise nearly $387 million.


•   Format - 10-minute PowerPoint presentations.

•   Audience - Includes venture capitalists, angel investors, strategic investors, serial entrepreneurs, investment bankers, and service providers.

Sponsored by:
Hal Wells
Senior Sales Representative, West Sales Territory
Consumer Technology Division,
UL Consumer Business Group

TIF 2015 Company Presentations Include:



Airwolf3D: ​Southern California-based Airwolf 3D is premised on the philosophy of providing the public with something it has never seen before-an a​​ffordable, durable, easy to use 3D printer whereby users can create objects thought impossible until now.  We have designed 3D printers that are not only accurate, but also capable of incredibly fast print speeds.  Airwolf 3D printers are ideally suited for professionals and students alike, allowing one to explore their inner creativity to an extent not previously thought possible.  ​This technology will enable you to realize your dreams in the form of three-dimensional, tangible models for all the world to see.

          Presenter: Erick Wolf, Founder & Chairman



AnyMeeting is designed and priced for small business. We pioneered the small business web conferencing and webinar market in 2011 with a free, full-featured web conferencing service tailored for small business. Since then, AnyMeeting has grown to more than 750,000 small business users worldwide, including users of both our free service and low-cost premium service.  With a focus on simplicity, ease-of-use and affordability, AnyMeeting is well positioned to take a significant share of the $5B conferencing market.

         Presenter: Costin Tuculescu, CEO




Astute Doctor Education improves physician bedside manner and work efficiency through a unique technology-enhanced physician interpersonal skills training platform. Astute Doctor’s goal is to solve the problem of communication disconnect between physician and patient that has serious health consequences for patients, and directly affects the performance and profitability of hospitals, physician groups and others. Our solution teaches physicians how to use interpersonal techniques that deepen patient relationships, achieve better patient health outcomes, improve physician productivity, improve patient satisfaction, decrease cost of healthcare delivery and reduce the risk of medical malpractice litigation.

          Presenter: Grant Simic, CEO

Enmotus has developed and patented a unique, mass deployable software technology for accelerating digital data retrieval and storage in cloud servers, enterprise and high performance computing devices. Released in September of 2014, FuzeDrive™ for Servers is the company’s first product targeted at rich media servers, content delivery and big data storage servers. Offered as perpetual or subscription licenses, adopters utilizing the software in mixed-storage media systems have demonstrated 10-20x performance improvements at 1/10th the cost of competitive alternatives.  The company is developing follow on products in partnership with several tier 1 OEMs targeting volume compute and storage markets.

         Presenter: Andy Mills, CEO

EV Connect has created the most innovative, robust and feature-rich cloud-based software platform for managing electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, their interaction with utilities and the driver experience. The company leverages this software platform to also be a leading provider of electric vehicle charging solutions for commercial, enterprise, hospitality, university and government facilities.  Established in 2009, EV Connect's customers include Yahoo!, Hilton, Marriott, Western Digital, 21st Century Fox, Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority, New York Power Authority, and numerous municipalities.

         Presenter: Scott Jarus, CEO


M2AppInsight is a mobile software development and distribution firm based in California. We produce compelling and differentiating Android, iOS, Big Data, Cloud, and Analytics software products for consumers, wireless carriers, device OEMs, app developers, market research, and more.  M2Catalyst is the developer behind M2AppInsight – a crowdsourced mobile analytics platform that delivers all new performance monitoring and usage insights to help developers build better experiences for their users. M2AppInsight has collected over 2.5 trillion data points on over 3.5 million Android app versions, 20,000 unique device types, 800 carrier networks, and 1.2 million cell towers to help the entire Android community.

         Presenter: Mike Brough, CEO & Co-Founder


MovoCash turns your smartphone into your own digital bank that keeps customer’s payment account numbers secure so they can pay online, in-store or to friends with ease. Customers can spend MovoCash using a Visa plastic card or a one-time use token on their smart phone, protecting their main credit, debit or checking accounts from merchant  security breaches. We have a created a patent pending, disruptive innovation by leveraging a worldwide network of major transaction processors, and by building within their secure cloud infrastructure we have achieved exponential cost reductions.

          Presenter: Eric Solis, CEO & Founder

Pulse Infoframe is a healthcare informatics company. Pulse Infoframe creates clinical collaborative business intelligence to save time, save lives, and increase revenue. Pulse Infoframe uses proprietary technology and exclusive databases to provide health systems and Pharmaceutical companies insights about patients that they cannot get anywhere else in the world. This is the first time this level of information has been available within the healthcare industry and will ultimately improve patient health and increase revenue for health systems and Pharma.  Since inception, Pulse Infoframe has been a profitable, validated and scalable business, with contracts in place with 4 of the top 6 Pharma companies.

         Presenter: Jeff Chemeres, SVP




Smudge Laboratories is a strategic interactive agency that designs and develops the next generation of interactive experiences. We innovate for business. We enable marketing, sales, training and systems professionals to connect and communicate more effectively. Smudge Laboratories uniquely blends the creative offerings of a traditional interactive agency with the thought-leadership of a software consultancy. Over the past three years we have worked with a wide variety clients ranging from start-ups to Fortune 100s. Recently, we were proud to see one of our client solutions highlighted on the Discovery Channel as part of an Innovative Enterprise Solution.

         Presenter: Kolhane Grooters, CEO


SocialQpon is a Newport Beach California technology start-up providing mobile digital marketing solution that enables businesses to: quickly and easily create digital Coupons from their mobile devices or using our API for bulk coupon publishing.  SocialQpon is a patented Marketing Solution that helps Businesses build a large and effective Virtual Sales Force leveraging Social Media to target, recruit and grow a Businesses’ Brand Ambassadors.  Every Business, small, medium or large has Brand Ambassadors.  Those Customers that are champions of your Product or Service.  We have patented technology that helps a Business identify these natural champions, tap into their social networks and then reward them through gamification to promote their Business.  SocialQpon, in essence, helps a Business find new Customers, new Champions and grow Revenues and Profitability.

          Presenter: Paul Taylor, CEO